About Dance Inc

We are a privately owned, SQA Accredited college working out of a studio in Cambuslang near Glasgow. At Dance Inc we have brought together a number of specialists in each of the dance disciplines to provide professional level training that will allow our students to confidently embark on a career in the Dance Industry.


As well as concentrating on developing technique and movement vocabulary, we also put a huge emphasis on teaching our students how to build lasting careers in various areas of the dance industry. We develop business skills, teaching them how to set themselves up as self employed and how to promote and sell themselves as performers, choreographers and teachers, We also teach life and mindset skills so they are able to look after themselves both physically and mentally throughout their careers. 

We also provide as many opportunities as possible for our dancers to build a network of contacts within the dance industry by bringing up industry professionals from London once a month to work with our students and by taking them each year out to LA to work with some of the worlds most renowned choreographers. 


About the Course

Professional Dance Performance HNC/D

The Professional Dance Performance course is aimed at students who want to pursue a career in the performing arts. It focuses primarily on practical learning and development in a variety of dance disciplines to prepare students for the performance industry. The practical elements are Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Commercial, Hiphop, Heels technique, Preparation for Audition and Company class.The course also develops knowledge and skills in areas such as choreography, audition preparation and portfolio, company working, the contextualisation of dance and anatomy and physiology. 


For more information on the courses we offer please don't hesitate to get in touch via email on info@danceincstudiocentre.com 

Course Costs

As Dance Inc Studio Centre is a Privately run centre Tuition fees do apply. For all HNC/D courses the fee is £4600 per annum (more than 50% less than most establishments in England). However, eligible students can apply for funding through the Student Awards Agency Scotland, SAAS who cover a chunk of the fee. Students are also able to apply for a student loan and or bursary which will more than cover the remaining fees. Fees can either be paid at the start of the year or on a monthly basis. We will also be offering scholarship opportunities which will be detailed at the time of audition. For more information on fees please contact info@danceincstudiocentre.com. 



Tel: 07540276167

12 Somervell St, Cambuslang, G72